Jaguar, Olympic Skier Set Ski Tow Speed Record

A Jaguar wagon with a rack on the roof is an ideal car for hitting the slopes. But it's also a surprisingly good tow car. That is if you're looking to set a record for fastest towed speed on skis.

Jaguar took an XF Sportbrake and former Olympic skier Graham Bell to the company's Revi Test Centre. And they walked away with a Guinness World Record.

The test centre is in Arjeplog, Sweden. Not quite north of the Arctic Circle, but it's pretty close. It's where Jaguar Land Rover tests their vehicles for winter, and is home to the Jaguar Experience Ice Academy. And it has a lot of flat and snowy space. At least in the winter.

On the day that Jaguar and Bell attempted the record-breaking run, the temperature was -28C. The extreme cold posed an even greater challenge for Bell. After all, would you want to be dragged behind a car at over 100 km/h on a day like that?

But after a couple of practice runs, all of the bugs were worked out, and Bell beat the record by a whopping 76 km/h. The new record for fastest towed speed on skis was set at an average top speed of 189.07 km/h. That's nearly 200 km/h. On skis. At -28C. That's a windchill of about -56C.

The XF used was a 3.0L gas engine car with all-wheel drive and Jag's All Surface Progress Control traction control system. The 380 hp engine gives a top speed of 250 km/h. Hopefully it had heated seats for the drive back to the office.

This is just the latest in a series of stunts that included Jaguar's world's fastest interview and the barrel roll that unveiled the E-Pace SUV. 



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