German Porsche tuner Gemballa has just released their latest monster. The GT Concept takes a 911 Turbo and boots power to the stratosphere.

The Gemballa GT concept debuts today at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. That's the aftermarket and performance car show. The GT takes a new Porsche 911 Turbo, not exactly a car you'd call slow, and makes it quicker. The 3.8L flat-six engine gets new intake manifolds with carbon plenums, reworked cylinder heads, new turbos, a new exhaust, and a new computer. It adds up to 828 hp, up from the standard car's 540. Peak torque jumps too, up to 702 lb-ft.

The GT gets more than just more power, though. Gemballa has added massive fender flares, capable of hiding 325/25ZR21 rear tires, with 255-width rubber up front. Those flares are carbon-fibre, as is the new front skirt, rear bumper with diffuser, and the adjustable rear wing. It makes the car 30 mm wider up front and a massive 50 mm wider in the rear.

To help stop a car that can hit 100 km/h in 2.38 seconds, and 360 km/h flat-out, Gemballa adds carbon ceramic brakes. Six-piston callipers in the front, four in the rear.

The interior gets some upgrades as well. The GT has nicer leather, with Alcantara for the trim, seats, and roll bar.

Gemballa has been building big-power Porsches since 1981. The company says the show car is just a concept, not yet a production vehicle like their Panamera-based Mistrale, or last-generation 911-based Avalanche. But you can buy the GTR 8XX Evo-R BiTurbo engine. They'll sell you the brakes, interior, and bodywork too. So it's a concept, but they'll be happy to build you one. Bring your chequebook.