The CEO of Lotus Cars has gotten a 30-day license suspension and is lucky he didn't get more.

Not surprisingly, Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales likes fast sports cars. And while he likely has plenty of access to the UK automaker's test track, Gales has had some trouble with his speed on public highways near the Norwich headquarters of the brand.

Earlier this month, Gales was clocked at 165 km/h in a 113 km/h (70 mph) zone on the A11. That's normally worth six points. Gales already had eight points on his license, and that would put him over the maximum of 12. That means a six-month driving ban, and Gales would need to apply for a new license before driving again.

According to The Telegraph, Gales lawyer argued that he should not get a six-month ban, as that would stop him from testing new Lotus cars himself.

While most CEOs don't handle test pilot duties, Mary Wyndham, chairman of the bench, agreed. She gave Gales a 30-day driving ban instead of the extra points.

She also suggested that he find a new test track, and stop using the A11 highway.

Gales was ticketed on the same highway in 2014 traveling at 155 km/h.