Top 5 Tips for Motorcycle Shopping This Spring

Whether you are in the market for a new or previously enjoyed motorcycle this season, it’s important to have a plan so that you make a decision you are happy with for years to come. It may be overwhelming to see hundreds of bikes that suit various purposes across a wide spectrum of price points, so it may be a good idea to narrow down your search by visiting our research page to evaluate what kind of bike best suits your needs.

1) Go to Motorcycle Shows

Rather than driving all over town to visit multiple dealerships before you’ve decided what you’re in the market for, a motorcycle show provides a one-stop-shop for all the latest and greatest motorcycles on the market, as well as gear and accessories.

2) Check for Fit

Sit on as many bikes as possible to get a sense of what you find comfortable. You may be surprised. Take it off its stand to balance the machine so you can get an idea of its weight and centre of gravity. Some bike’s ergonomics will be more comfortable and better suited to your body type.

3) Ask Questions

Sales associates can provide information, so use them as a resource. They may be tied to a particular brand but share with them the kind of riding you’ll be doing, what sort of budget you have established and what features appeal to you about the bikes you have currently short listed.

4) New Vs. Used

If you’re buying your first motorcycle, you may want to start with something smaller, less expensive and more manageable to learn on before buying your dream machine. Some shows will have used motorcycles on display, or sales staff can direct you to their inventory based on the bike that strikes your fancy on the show floor.

5) Make a Budget

Motorcycles are a more fuel-efficient mode of transportation than cars and trucks, but there will still be expenses associated with riding to consider. Payments, insurance, riding gear, maintenance, and possibly storage costs should all be considered.

So many bikes, so little time 4/18/2019 4:41:15 PM