Jaguar Land Rover is working on technology that could put three-dimensional head-up driver displays in future models, along with personalized 3D entertainment for your passengers.

Working with the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics at the University of Cambridge, JLR aims to use 3D display tech to reduce drivers' reaction times to road hazards and vehicle prompts.

The automaker's vision is to develop a head-up display that presents information as if it's superimposed on the road surface instead of simply projected onto the inside of the windshield. JLR says it believes that would make the experience more natural for the driver and reduce the potential for distraction when info about lane closures (for example) and navigation instructions are flashed on the screen.

German auto industry supplier Bosch has similar tech in the works that would project 3D driving information and alerts in a vehicle's gauge cluster.

The British manufacturer also wants to use future display technology to improve the passenger experience through more immersive infotainment functions. This could include the ability for each passenger to stream different 3D movies and view details about their journey tailored to their own preferences.

All of this is part of JLR's Smart Cabin vision for autonomous motoring, as well as its Destination Zero effort to eliminate vehicle emissions, collisions and congestion.