Adorable Opossum Builds a Whole Nest Under the Hood of This Car

It's definitely not what you're expecting to see when you open the hood of a car that's come in for routine service, but look at that opossum! It looks so comfortable in that cosy warm nest under the hood of a late-model Honda Accord in this photo posted to the subreddit for oddball automotive hijinks /r/justrolledintotheshop.

You'd think that this adorable critter was the reason for the service visit, but the poster says that the car was only in for an oil change. That's because instead of eating wires and stashing nuts like the squirrel we brought you a few weeks ago, this one's just made a nest of what looks like leaves on top of the battery. A nice, warm place for a winter nap.

The opossum, the poster said, was grabbed (unceremoniously, we assume) by the tail by the "service advisor and resident wild man" and removed from the Accord. No word on where it took up residence after that, but we do know that opossums can live in both rural and suburban areas. Though we hope it doesn't find a new home in a Suburban this time.

If you, like we, were wondering about what makes a possum and an opossum, it turns out that it depends on where you live. Here, they're the same thing. We just got lazy and dropped the "o" over time for North America's only marsupial. In Australia, possum is used to describe several of about 70 different marsupials that live in the area, none of which are opossums.

Ok, that's enough opossum facts, so just look at how happy and content that little guy looks under the hood of that Honda. It's a reminder to check under your hood every once in a while, even if you don't need service.

You need to see the looks so comfortable! 10/25/2019 6:19:34 PM