Scary Video Captures What Happens When You Don't Clear the Ice off Your Car

Do we sound like a broken record? Maybe. But this time of year, there's a good chance you need to spend a tiny bit more time on your car, truck, or SUV. And this dashcam clip posted to Reddit proves why it's important to clean that snow and ice off of your car.

You come out to your crossover in the morning, wipe off the glass, and get ready to go. There's no time for that snow on the roof, and hey, it's just a bit of snow, right? It'll just float away in the breeze like a puffy low-hanging cloud, won't it?

Well, as this dashcam video, taken on Highway 403 in Mississauga shows that snow and ice can be a lot more dangerous, even deadly.

The camera car is following an SUV or van at what appears to be a safe following distance. A pretty generous one, considering what the Toronto area's 400 series highways normally look like. In the video, taken this past Tuesday, a cloud of snow flies off the top of the vehicle, looking innocent enough.

But under that cloud of snow is a large slab of ice. Which shatters the windshield of the camera vehicle.

No word on if there were any injuries sustained, but a car full of glass bits will ruin anyone's day and poses a risk by impeding visibility. It's also completely unnecessary, since a few minutes with a proper snow brush, and maybe a small ladder, would have prevented this completely.

So if you don't clean your car because you don't care you might get a ticket, do it because you could easily injure or even kill another person. Surely you care about that, right?

Don't be lazy. It could be dangerous. 12/6/2019 2:52:44 PM