Ever wonder what the most tattooed car is? Not the car that is most often stickered up with pinstripe customization, but the one that's most likely to end up on someone's arm, leg, chest, or backside in an ink-portrait homage to their favourite ride. These are the makes and models that people love so much they want a permanent homage that will be there long after the car isn't. A new look at tattoo posts lists the most popular makes and models that people get on their skin, and some of them surprised us.

The list comes from Comparethemarket.com, which examined more than 5,000 posts on Instagram that were tagged with the word tattoo, with a brand or model mentioned in the same post. It's maybe not the most scientific way of doing it, but it's as good as any we could think of.

Top on the list of brands was Volkswagen, with more than 5,507 posts of VW fans showing their love by way of tattoos. That puts it far ahead of second-place Jeep, which came in at just 2,139. Also in the top 10 were some brands we didn't expect, including BMW, Audi, and Subaru. Australians seem to love their car tattoos as much as posting about them, leading to down-under-only brand Holden in 17th place on the list with 147 posts.

As far as the most popular model among the inked, the Chevrolet Impala topped the charts there, and we'd guess most were the 1960s models that are extremely popular as classics and low riders, rather than, say, a 2012 model in beige. Next up was the DeLorean, 23 behind the Impala with 800 posts for the time-travelling stainless steel icon, before the numbers dropped sharply to the Chevrolet Corvette in third place with 180. Also in the top 10 were the VW Beetle and Transporter, and the Fiat 500.

Now you can see if your car (or truck) tattoo ideas are already common or if you're going to stand out. In case you cared, that is. We're also curious to see if there are any cars that have yet to be memorialized via ink and skin. Maybe the Lada, or some sort of Japanese passenger minibus?