There's a new sports car coming from Subaru, and in less than 14 days will get to see it. The all-new 2022 Subaru BRZ will have its world premiere on November 18, and in a quick teaser video, Subaru is hoping we'll fall for the sports car all over again.

We aren't sure what "all new" will mean in terms of performance and powertrain, but it does look like the bodywork will be significantly different. Look at the headlight photo Subaru showed and you'll see a very different hood with a much more prominent centre bulge than before, narrower-looking headlights with integrated LED driving lights, wider-looking wheel arches, and a different front bumper.

In the clip, we can see two-piston floating front brake calipers that look much like the system in the current BRZ, though stopping power was never really an issue with the car. We can also see a wide air duct behind the front wheels, adding a widebody look to the car that continues through the flared rocker panels. Toyota has said previously that there will be a next-gen Toyota 86 to go with this model.

As far as the rest, we do hear that a manual transmission will return, and that's about it. An engine with a bit more power than the 205 hp of the current car's 2.0L boxer-four would be appreciated, but this clip doesn't sound like one of Subaru's turbo engines. So we'll have to wait and see until the 14th just what the brand has in store. To see the video, you'll need to check it out on Subaru's site.