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May 2020 Price Index Results Released

Dip in vehicle pricing accompanied by surge of consumer interest.

June 08 2020
Here’s What the Most Reliable SUVs and Crossovers All Have in Common

Should you buy a crossover from its first year of production?

May 14 2020
April 2020 Price Index Results Released

Canadian vehicle listing prices hold firm amidst COVID-19

May 12 2020
March 2020 Price Index Results Released

Halted production and economic uncertainty result in price fluctuations

April 09 2020
Buying, Selling or Servicing a Vehicle During COVID-19

The use of many people’s vehicles has been deemed as essential and Canadians still might need to buy, sell, or service vehicles during this extraordinary time.

March 30 2020
Tips for Buying and Selling Your Car Safely

Avoid headaches and costly scams

March 18 2020
February 2020 Price Index Results Released

New truck and sedan prices increase, while SUVs decline

March 05 2020
Get These 5 Useful Items Before Your New Car Comes Home

Here are 5 cheap things to pick up while you’re waiting for your new baby.

February 19 2020
Tips on Buying a Car from a Different Province

Out of town, but not out of reach

February 19 2020
January 2020 Price Index Results Released

Used vehicle prices in Alberta could point to economic stabilization

February 07 2020
December 2019 Price Index Results Released

Truck Prices Gain Ground While Quebec Leads in Affordability

January 06 2020
November Price Index Results Released

Domestics Challenging Europeans for Top Pricing

December 09 2019
October Price Index Results Released

Data shows steady growth for new car pricing

November 07 2019