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November Price Index Results Released

Domestics Challenging Europeans for Top Pricing

December 09 2019
October Price Index Results Released

Data shows steady growth for new car pricing

November 07 2019
Who Makes the Most Reliable Used Car?

It’s not who you think.

August 19 2019
Why Would You Buy a CPO Car?

Peace of mind for your used car purchase.

August 13 2019
How to: Launch a Boat Solo

Have fun with only one

August 06 2019
Pickup Truck vs Crossover: Which is Best for You?

Utility comes in all shapes and sizes.

July 12 2019
Should You Buy a Demo Car?

Considering a demo car? Here’s what you need to know.

June 20 2019
Three Tricks You Should Know for Your Next Used-Car Test Drive

Get more out of your test drive time.

June 18 2019
Can You Trade in a Financed Car?

Trading in, before it’s paid for

May 23 2019
Figure Out the True Value of Your Trade-in

What’s your used car actually worth?

May 16 2019
How to Negotiate at the Dealership Like a Pro

Don’t sign anything until you’ve read everything.

May 13 2019
How to Trade in Your Used Car

Tips, advice and expectations for that first-time trade-in.

May 09 2019
Should You Trade in Your Car, or Sell It Privately?

What to do with that used car when it’s time to upgrade.

May 07 2019
When’s the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Pick the right day to go to the showroom.

May 06 2019