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Best New and Used Winter Cars and SUVs of 2018

Dashing through the snow.

November 30 2018
Should You Get an Extended Warranty on That Used Car?

To warranty, or not to warranty?

September 24 2018
Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Car

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July 17 2018
Automotive Glossary: Knowledge is Power

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July 13 2018
How to Read a Used Crossover Ad

Dissecting confusing crossover terms.

July 03 2018
How Used Car Taxes Stack Up Across Canada

Taxing issues all over.

June 12 2018
Understanding CPO Programs, Manufacturer vs Dealer

They inspect the vehicle; you inspect the fine print.

May 28 2018
Car Buying Tips and Picks for Hard-Budget Shoppers

Go further on your used-car dollar with our tips.

May 14 2018
How to Buy an Accessible Van Through a Manufacturer Mobility Program

For fewer headaches, call the conversion company first.

April 26 2018
Electric Vehicle Home Charger Buyer’s Guide

Find your ideal home EV charger.

April 23 2018
What Truck Should I Buy?

What pulls what?

April 03 2018
Picking the Best Car for Elderly Passengers

Important ergonomic features to consider when transporting your loved ones.

March 23 2018
Buying Tips: What's the Difference Between Model, Trim, and Option?

Helping you find the features you want

January 22 2018