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Tucking in Your Summer Car for the Long Winter Ahead

What to do when storing your fair-weather ride for the cold-weather season

November 28 2016
Low fuel costs eroding hybrid efficiency benefit: Vincentric

This year, just 17 percent of hybrids are cheaper to own in Canada

September 30 2016
Avoiding Lease Return Trouble

When it comes to your lease, a little planning can save a lot of money

September 23 2016
How Far Can You Go on an Empty Light?

A look at the driving range of Canada’s bestselling rides after the low-fuel light comes on

September 20 2016
Wagon, CUV, or SUV? Which One is For Me?

In a confusing class, which gets a place in your driveway

September 09 2016
Four Top Pre-Purchase Checks for Used Hybrids

Four tips to ensure you get the best hybrid for your dollar.

September 08 2016
Three Cars Perfect for College Kids

Heading Back to School? Considering a new-to-you ride? Consider these three rides to help keep more of your hard earned cash in your pocket.

August 30 2016
Anatomy of a Recall: What to Do if Your Vehicle is Recalled

So you're car is being recalled...

August 29 2016
Tips on Shopping Smart for a Modified Off-Roader

Some useful tips if you’re considering a used 4x4 or off-roader that’s fitted with common mods.

August 25 2016
Why do Car Makers Market to Millenials?

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.”

August 24 2016
How to Photograph Your Used Car for Sale

Good photography can be key to a quick used car sale

August 19 2016
Car Buying Tips for Back to School

Class is in session.

August 17 2016
Matte Finishes: What You Need to Know

Some things to consider, if you’re considering a matte finish on your next ride.

August 08 2016
Beginner's Guide to Buying an RV

Your summer RV primer.

July 28 2016