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Used Car Mods to Investigate and Avoid

A look at how, and why, to check your used ride for undesirable modifications.

June 09 2016
When is the Right Time to Take the EV Plunge?

Can you feel the electricity in the air?

June 08 2016 Talks Car Staging with Global's The Morning Program

Editor Jacob Black appears on Global TV's The Morning Show with Liza Fromer and Jeff McArthur to talk car staging.

May 20 2016
Tiny House or RV?

At home on the road.

May 06 2016
When is an EV worth it? - Alternative fuels and the pocketbook

Do fuel-saving technologies actually save you money?

May 03 2016
Rites of Spring Maintenance

The traditional tune-up may be a thing of the past, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your car this spring.

April 20 2016
Your Guide to Writing a Great Car Ad

Want to sell your ride fast? A great used-car ad is key.

April 15 2016
Claiming Automotive Expense: Reminders for Tax Season

It’s important to do your tax homework when deciding between buying or leasing a new or used vehicle.

April 06 2016
Used Shopping Advice: Check the Fuel Saving Tech

As vehicles become more fuel efficient than ever, used cars present more features and systems that should be inspected before purchase.

March 29 2016
How to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

A checklist for your first ride of the season.

March 28 2016
Detail Therapy: Giving Your Car Essential Spring TLC

Six products face the ultimate challenge.

March 18 2016
Used Car Hidden Gems

Thinking outside the box can find you some solidly reliable used cars that offer great value.

February 25 2016
Tax Breaks: Lease Early Buy Late

Business owners should consider the time of year in the lease-versus-buy decision.

February 03 2016
Ontario to introduce tougher used vehicle safety standards in July

Ontario is revising the province's used vehicle safety inspection standards, which go into effect on July 1, 2016.

January 20 2016
Winter Washup! Where To Wash Your Car During Winter?

Options are numerous and compelling in keeping your ride’s body and underneathy bits clean this winter.

January 06 2016