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September Price Index Results Released

Q3 data breaks down new, used pricing by region

October 11 2019
Goof of the Month: Beware the Lasting Effects of Pothole Season

Pothole season might be over for another year, but beware possible lasting damage.

May 02 2019
Is Your Dealer Ready for Your Plug-in Car?

Plug-in hybrids and EVs are coming fast – but is your dealership ready?

April 23 2019
2019 Vehicle Tax Deductions for Businesses

What’s new, and what you should review.

April 15 2019
Springtime Car Care – Save Time and Money!

Wake up, it’s spring!

March 11 2019
Should You Fix or Replace Your Old Car?

Know when to stop repairing.

March 01 2019
Welcome to Pothole Hell! Drive with Care

The proper path through pothole purgatory

February 19 2019
Goof of the Month: Remote Non-starter

Botched remote starter install causes thousands in damage.

February 07 2019
What to Do after a Crash

Stay calm, stay safe, stay smart.

January 31 2019
Goof of the Month: How to Gas Up Your Tesla

Maybe this video is fake. Probably, it’s not.

January 17 2019
Goof of the Month: Improper Tire Care Nukes Warranty

An education in rubber prophylactics.

December 11 2018
Vehicle Wear Items Everyone Forgets About

Inconspicuous consumables

November 27 2018
So You’re Visiting a Dealership for Repairs

What to know before you go.

November 26 2018
Winter Tires for Leased Vehicles

Worth it?

November 20 2018
Goof of the Month: Burning Cash Over Hot Air

Don’t throw money at a problem you don’t understand.

November 15 2018