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The Rear-Wheel Drive Porsche Taycan Could Be an Excellent Second Car

Too bad we can’t buy it in Canada

July 12, 2021
We’ve Been Programmed to Resist the Small Truck Revolution

Ford spent years trying to market tough trucks and is changing its tune

June 08, 2021
What’s Killing the Small, Cheap Car?

Time out – and time up – for penalty boxes

May 31, 2021
Why Do People Buy Plug-In Hybrids?

Modern EVs are great, but PHEVs still offer many benefits

May 11, 2021
Dear Car Companies: Enough With the Separate Freight Fee

Making sense of the dollars and cents

April 05, 2021
Voltswagen? More like Jokeswagen

Rumoured name change an unnecessary overcorrection

March 30, 2021
Why You Should Never Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

It’s not just because of the smell

December 22, 2020
You’re Paying for the Latest Technology. It Better Work

A harsh reminder that reality often falls short of expectation

November 20, 2020
A Motorcycle Dispatch Rider’s Legacy

Honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice

November 11, 2020
Super Niche Cars for Rich People and Why They Matter to the Rest of Us

Cars we can’t afford like the Polestar 1 are still important.

November 05, 2020
Enthusiasts, It’s Time to Buy the Cars Built for You

The call to action you didn’t know you needed

September 17, 2020
Did the 2021 Ford F-150 Redesign Do Enough?

A deep dive into the new features on Ford’s most important vehicle.

July 06, 2020
5 of the Ugliest Cars You Can Buy Today

Subjective styling can be objectively ugly

May 25, 2020
5 Unique Features on the 2021 Toyota Venza

The Venza brings the number of hybrids offered by the brand to nine.

May 22, 2020
Depreciation Appreciation: Cadillac ELR

Concept-car looks and thrifty performance from $30,000

May 22, 2020