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Canada's Biggest Driving Pet Peeves

We Canadians pride ourselves for our polite behavior, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that get us ticked.

June 12 2015
Craziest Electric Vehicles and Hybrids in the World

If you think all hybrids and electric vehicles are designed for the pedestrian purpose of helping environmentally-conscious drivers...

June 12 2015
Honda's Road-Legal MotoGP Bike Will be Detuned in North America

Honda unveils insane new road bike with genuine MotoGP heritage.

June 11 2015
Safety: Survey Reveals Top 5 Driving Distractions

Ontario recently passed legislation that boosted fines and added demerit point penalties for distracted driving.

June 11 2015
Used Vehicle Mashup: Second Hand Off-Roaders

A look at some popular off-roaders from the used marketplace.

June 10 2015
Porsche comes to Forza Horizon 2

Whether you're a diehard 911 fan or curious about the 918 Spyder hybrid, the Porsche Expansion DLC for Forza Horizon 2 will let you get...

June 09 2015
Failed Automotive Breakthroughs

For every great automotive breakthrough of the past century, such as windshield wipers, FM radio and brakes, there have been dozens of...

June 09 2015
Test Ride: Suzuki GW250F

Full-size bike, bite-size engine.

June 09 2015
In Pictures: Canadian Grand Prix Weekend

As a sport I’ve watched from a distance since childhood, an invitation from Infiniti Canada to spend the Canadian Grand Prix weekend with...

June 08 2015
Auto Advice: Scrapping that dirty old POS

A few tips to consider when it comes time to scrap your dirty old POS.

June 08 2015
How to Raise a Gearhead

Your step-by-step guide to turning your child into a raging car fanatic just like mom and dad.

June 05 2015
Evolution of the Mini

The original and best Mini.

June 04 2015
Find of the Week: 1997 Mini

Yeah baby! This right-hand-drive Mini Cooper Classic will take you right back to the shagadelic swingin’ sixties of London for less than...

June 04 2015
Tesla Model S P85D In Pictures

Photos by Ronnie Fung and Jonathan Yarkony Okay, let’s just get this out of the way up front: Insane Mode is insane.

June 03 2015