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Audi RS Q8: A Nürburgring Lap Record that Almost Didn’t Happen

You can plan for anything – well, almost.

December 16 2019
Jeep Lineup to be Fully Electrified by 2022: Report

New green for Jeep

December 16 2019
Cadillac Bringing Back Real Car Names, Could Go Full EV

2030 was the goal for going full EV

December 13 2019
You Can Soon Get Fined for Blocking an EV Charging Station

Ontario passes new legislation.

December 13 2019
Top 9 Most Significant Vehicles of the Past Decade

These nine cars changed the market

December 12 2019
Dodge Charger GT Gets New AWD Trim for 2020

Winter charger

December 12 2019
Top 10 Cars to Look Forward to in 2020

Lots of exciting new cars are set to go on sale next year.

December 12 2019
Find of the Week: 1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello

Best looking Ferrari ever?

December 11 2019
BMW is Finally Adding Android Auto to its Cars

Android Auto will be available in all new BMWs from July of 2020.

December 11 2019
All-New Mercedes GLA Debuts with New Look, More Tech

There is also a new AMG model.

December 11 2019
Jaguar Adds Range and Over-the-Air Updates to I-Pace

Lessons from racing

December 09 2019
November Price Index Results Released

Domestics Challenging Europeans for Top Pricing

December 09 2019
Scary Video Captures What Happens When You Don't Clear the Ice off Your Car

Don't be lazy. It could be dangerous.

December 06 2019
Farewell, Front-Engine Corvette

Mid-engine C8 marks the end of an era

December 05 2019
Buick Regal Discontinued After 2020 Model Year

A regal farewell

December 04 2019